Ponies, turtles, and birds – OH MY!

Here at the Refuge Inn, our staff will tell you anything you want to know about Chincoteague and Assateague, but we rarely get out to enjoy it ourselves during the summer months. Now that things have quieted down, opportunities abound for us to enjoy our islands. Tuesday, November 4th, was a particularly gorgeous day. With… Read more »

2014 Bird List- October

Here’s our running list of birds sighted on Assateague this month! Gathered from skimmming e-bird, “bird boards” online and talking to guests who were on the lookout. Please comment & contribute anything you have seen this month that isn’t mentioned! We’re also interested in any “lifers” you’ve ever seen here on Chincoteague or Assateague– or… Read more »

10 Ways to Become Everyone’s Favorite Traveler

We consider ourselves hospitality professionals here at the Refuge.  We all share a passion for welcoming guests and helping them explore our islands, as well as going forth ourselves to experience the rest of the world.  Here are a few tips we’ve compiled over the years to make every trip count. Plan ahead.  Know what… Read more »

It’s beautiful today, so we wrote a poem!

Twas March the Eleventh and all over the island People were donning flip flops and smilin’. The children were outside in t-shirts and shorts, Playing frisbee and baseball and other spring sports. Ma with her sunscreen and I with my hat, Headed to the beach, and there we sat. Out on the marsh, which wasn’t… Read more »

The Low-Down on Pony Penning

So you want to see the Pony Swim.  Whether you’re an old hat or a greenhorn, we talk to folks just like you every day.  Every year, it’s basically the same procedure, and we’ve got the skinny on what you need to know as a visitor to our island. First things first:  the Schedule. Saturday… Read more »

Snowy Owls on Assateague!

There’s been a lot of talk over the past month or so about the appearance of several Snowy Owls in the Chincoteague and Assateague area.  Hedwig look-a-likes may be neat, but some folks are wondering, owls–we see owls all the time–what’s the big deal?   The big deal is that the snowy owl very rarely… Read more »