Up to 30% off August 18-22!

Since the kids seem to be going back to school earlier these days, we’re offering a deal for anyone who can still travel the second-to-last week of August! Stay one weeknight, get 10% off.  Stay two weeknights, get 20% off.  Stay three weeknights, get 30% off your entire weeknight stay!  Valid August 18-22 2019, on… Read more »

Pony Penning 2019 Photo Gallery & Recap

This year’s Pony Penning was a huge success, resulting in a lot of happy pony fans, lots of money raised for the fire department, and a renewed love for the traditions of the place many of us call home. Next year’s swim will be July 29, 2020. We’ve decided to thank our early birds by… Read more »

Refuge Inn featured in the Habitattler

There are some beautiful photos and good travel tips on this post from Habitattler, who were kind enough to share a copy with us.  Check it out and be sure to comment on their post if it helped you plan your time in Chincoteague!

Giveaway & Short Stay Availability for Pony Penning 2019

Ask absolutely anyone who has been our guest at the Refuge Inn on Chincoteague for an entire Pony Penning week and they will tell you that the experience is not only something that should be on your bucket list, but also a powerful emotional experience worth seeking out year after year. Some of our guests… Read more »

August Deal!

Did you know that you can get a sweet deal on a Chincoteague stay the last week of August?  August 25-29, our standard rate drops to $120/night.  If you can travel that week, it’s a lovely time to visit– everything’s open, most of the crowds have gone home to get ready for school, and the… Read more »

Migratory Bird Day 2019

One of our favorite events of the year is coming up, the Migratory Bird Day Celebration at the wildlife refuge.  It’s held every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day– this year that’s May 11. The entrance fee to Assateague will be waived (!!!) and the celebration itself is free to attend.  There are a… Read more »