It’s beautiful today, so we wrote a poem!

Twas March the Eleventh and all over the island

People were donning flip flops and smilin’.

The children were outside in t-shirts and shorts,

Playing frisbee and baseball and other spring sports.

Ma with her sunscreen and I with my hat,

Headed to the beach, and there we sat.

Out on the marsh, which wasn’t quite green,

Was the most beautiful stallion we had ever seen.

When what to our sun blinded eyes should appear,

But two more ponies and a Sika deer!

As we drove back down Maddox, we saw people on bikes,

On motorcycles, on scooters, and even a trike!

Since there were no bugs, we watched sunset at the park,

And sat there in silence until it got dark.

We savor days like this, as we know what they bring:

Mosquitoes, revenue, tourists, and SPRING!

So come visit Chincoteague on a nice Spring day–

And book a room at the Refuge for the length of your stay.