“Refuge from the Storm” for two-day-old Evelyn Grace Leonard

All of the Leonard kids grew up at the Refuge Inn, but never has one been here quite so early. Michael Leonard, who grew up here and now works at the front desk and bike shop, and his wife Anna welcomed their first child into the world on Monday, March 4th. Less than 48 hours later, once they arrived home from the hospital, a wicked north-east wind picked up. Downpours started. And then, the sound of a pine tree falling nearby. At this point, they decided it was time to pack up shop and head to the Refuge Inn for shelter. Everyone made it through the night– even if the new mom & dad were a little worse-for-wear by the time morning rolled around–but that’s to be expected for the caretakers of such a precious bundle of joy.

Evelyn Grace Leonard

On Evelyn’s first night home from the hospital, the winds and rain started picking up, trees started falling over, and her family packed up shop and headed to the Refuge Inn for safety.