Pony Penning 2019 Photo Gallery & Recap

This year’s Pony Penning was a huge success, resulting in a lot of happy pony fans, lots of money raised for the fire department, and a renewed love for the traditions of the place many of us call home.
Next year’s swim will be July 29, 2020. We’ve decided to thank our early birds by offering a few “Early Bird Deals” to those who book directly with the hotel on or before Jan 1, 2020.
Option 1: Snag a 3-night minimum instead of the usual 5!
Option 2: 10% off the Sun-Fri 5-night stay
Option 3: 15% off any 7-night stay

Enjoy the photo recap of this year’s swim! (Click the first photo to open a full-screen viewing box with captions & credits.)