NASA Wallops & MARS

refuge-inn-nasa-wollops-marsHere at the Refuge Inn, we are passionate about space. The inn is located about 15 minutes from the famous NASA Wallops Flight Facility, and we’re lucky enough to have a great view of all the launches from several locations on the property.

Wallops launches more rockets per year than any other NASA facility. Recently, contractor Orbital Sciences has lit up the sky with a number of high-profile launches, including the Antares/Cygnus missions, which resupply the International Space Station, and the Lunar Atmospheric Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission, which sent a robotic probe into Lunar orbit. MARS also launches dozens of smaller rockets each year.

The best place to view most NASA launches is from the beach on the Assateague National Seashore, mere minutes from the Refuge Inn by car or bicycle. On our flat beach, you can see the complete trajectory of the rocket, from the flame and smoke of blast off to the ever-so-tiny light of the rocket as it exits the atmosphere. Within easy walking distance from the inn is a pedestrian bridge with a perfect view of the launch platform. Alternatively, a marsh overlook platform on our property is a favorite with staff and guests alike.

We are happy to host Government employees and contractors at the per diem rate. Launch specials are sometimes available in the off-season–check our Specials page for more info.


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