Planets, Plants, and Pizza!

August 15, 2023 | All Posts

Summer is still in full swing, and the temperatures are still perfect for a mix of outdoor exploration and air-conditioned fun on Chincoteague Island! If you are hoping to take home science-themed souvenirs to commemorate your trip to our lovely little home, you don’t want to miss the stops we have included below.

NASA Wallops Visitors Center 

Thousands of beachgoers pass The NASA Wallops Visitors Center on their way to stay with us each year. Whether you have previously stopped on your way in to view their exhibits or you have always thought about doing so, we encourage you to make time to visit them this month!

Planets, Plants, and Pizza!, The Refuge InnA special exhibit of experiments by students, aged 11-18, is showcased throughout the visitors center. These experiments are currently flying onboard a NASA Sounding Rocket or Science Balloon. The exhibition is perfect for all ages. It features hypotheses and implications on subjects that are pertinent as humanity takes more interest in life outside our planet. Topics like “The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Reproductive Habits of Brine Shrimp”, “Astrobotany Inquiry into Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Short- and Long-Term Seed Viability”, “The Effect of Radiation on the Degree of Strength on Cheesecloth”, and more are featured throughout the visitors center. This educational opportunity serves as another way to add excitement for both adults and children around our future in space. Additionally, families can join in-house Mars Rovers Activities that allow participants to work together to explore Mars. 

Planets, Plants, and Pizza!, The Refuge Inn As part of your self-guided tour, check out NOAA Science on a Sphere. Take in views of the Earth and the solar system. Explore the far away details of Jupiter’s moons like Europa, Io, and Ganymede. Next, learn about cargo resupply missions, the aurora, and the pedosphere. Then, travel to the observation deck to read about launches and how weather can impact them. Visit the gift shop, and take home NASA gear for yourself and your favorite space enthusiast. For more information on upcoming launches at Wallops Island, check out their website

More Plants–and Pizza!

Planets, Plants, and Pizza!, The Refuge Inn Venturing down one of the many available side roads on Chincoteague Island will result in special experiences all their own. For those who enjoy botany and want to take a plant home to commemorate their trip, Taylor Street Plant Shop (6138 Taylor Street) is a unique little spot full of vegetation and one-of-a-kind gifts. Air plants, ferns, cacti, and more await the perfect home or office space to offer fond memories of your special island trip. Pick up a puzzle, book, or tic-tac-toe game for rainy days while you are there! Finish the outing off with a trip to Cosa Pizza food truck (right next door to the shop), where you can delight in your well-earned pizza in their gorgeous outdoor dining space.

No matter how you choose to spend your time on and around our little island, we hope you will consider The Refuge Inn for your stay! Give us a call today at 757-336-5511 for more information on our rates and amenities. 

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