Ponies or Pines?

March 16, 2018 | All Posts, news

Folks ask us all the time which side of the Inn most people prefer, and to us it seems pretty split down the middle. The East Side faces the parking lot and the pony pasture, and you can sometimes see the lighthouse blinking in the distance through the pines.  It’s convenient for bicycles (just pull them to your patio) and gets wonderful sunlight in the morning.  The West Side faces the pine trees, picnic area, and pool.  It’s typically a little quieter, a little darker (for the night owls) and is great for balcony birdwatching or wine sipping.

Refuge Inn LandscapeWhen someone is new to the inn and asks us which side is nicer, or which side most people like, all of the front desk staff just says, “It’s a matter of preference– we have just as many requests for one as we do for the other.”  But, since we have no way of tracking the requests, we put up a Facebook poll to see which side folks prefer!  The result was…

63% prefer Pony/Parking Lot side (faces East)
37% prefer Pine Trees/Pool side (faces West)

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