Information on this page is effective September 21, 2021.

To help put your mind at ease, here are some of the measures we’ve taken to ensure your safety.

  • CDC sanitization protocols
  • EPA-approved disinfectants
  • Strict laundry processing rules
  • Room recovery protocols
  • Physical and Social Distancing practices
  • Guest and Employee signage


Governor Northam has lifted almost all of Virginia's COVID-19 related restrictions as of May 28, 2021. At the Refuge Inn, we are asking that all staff and guests wear masks while in public areas, including the office, gift shop, breezeways, hallways, and public areas.

Staff will wash hands regularly, taking special care when preparing and delivering breakfasts, and when cleaning rooms.

Our amenities are all reopened as of Friday, May 28, 2021.

For outdoor dining, we suggest picnic tables, patio/balcony chairs, and a small table and chairs outside the office. Our marsh observation platform also has tables and chairs, and provides a great view of the marsh and lighthouse. Each room has a table and chairs, and picnic tables and hibachi grills are available throughout the facility for dining “al fresco.”

Hand sanitizer is provided at each entrance to the hotel.

Traditional Check-In

Now that we’re out of restrictions, traditional in-person check-in is once again available; however, if you prefer a contact-free environment, please call us a few hours in advance and let us know. (See below.)

We ask that only one person per party approaches the desk to check-in, and that each guest sanitizes their hands upon entry and exit. Other members of the party are welcome to browse the gift shop or wait in the car.

Contact-Free Check-in

If you prefer a contact-free check-in, please call us an hour or two ahead of your scheduled check-in to let us know and provide us with an estimated arrival time.

Close to your arrival time, assuming your room is ready, we will place an envelope on the table outside our front door with your name on it. The envelope will contain room keys, a map of the hotel and the islands, daily breakfast and supply request checklists*, and a registration form.

Once you’re settled into your room, please call the front desk to complete the contact-free check-in process. Please ensure that all members of your party are counted on your registration sheet so that everyone will get breakfast.

*We will be providing daily breakfast and supply request checklists at check-in, so you can let us know if you need room amenities replaced, and whether or not you want breakfast and/or a knock.

Housekeeping, Cleaning and Disinfecting

We have discontinued daily housekeeping of occupied rooms, and will instead utilize contact-free options.

Towels and sheets can be exchanged by leaving them outside your door in the bags provided by 9am. Housekeepers can also pick up bagged trash at this time– please place your trash outside each day before noon so it does not build up in your room. For items that don’t fit into your room trash bag, there are large trash cans downstairs in the first and second breezeways. Recycling is still available downstairs in the second breezeway across from the drink machines. For room amenities, please indicate your needs on your daily doorknob checklist and our housekeepers will replenish them 9-10am.

Housekeepers will thoroughly disinfect all surfaces in the room between guests, and leave you a checklist to show the items that were cleaned.


Since we cannot arrange for proper distancing with our normal hot buffet breakfast, bagged breakfasts will be delivered to your door.

Please complete your daily doorknob supply checklist each night and leave on your door by 9pm, for breakfast and resupplies the next morning.

Breakfast brown bags consists of your choice of juice, yogurt, fruit, cereal, milk, a fresh baked good, and a bacon egg & cheese croissant. Items subject to change due to availability. We will leave your breakfast bags outside your door during the time window you request, and knock lightly as to not wake you. If you do not wish to receive a knock, or do not wish to receive breakfast, please indicate that on your daily doorknob supply checklist.

Basic coffee and tea are provided in each room, both regular and decaf, as well as a small amenity packet containing sugar, creamer, etc. Please indicate your restocking needs on your daily doorknob supply checklist, and housekeeping will drop them off 9-10am.

Fresh coffee, locally roasted by Amarin Coffee and ground fresh with each brew, will be available outside the office in the first breezeway starting at 7am daily. Expanded tea offerings are available in the first breezeway as well.

In 2022 we are celebrating our 49th year. We have always prided ourselves on providing a personal touch to each of our guests, and we look forward to providing the same quality of service even as we emerge from the COVID crisis. Both your safety and your comfort are our top priorities. Stay safe, stay well, and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

The Refuge Inn

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